Break out the bats

Finally … a day to sleep in. Sunday being the typical ‘day of rest’ allowed me the chance to finally sleep past 9. This after two days of early mornings and a week of late nights.
Friday Melissa and I broke out of bed at the crack of dawn to meet up with a neighbour down at his work site. Turns out that his company is salvaging a old Best Western here in town and they were giving a bunch of stuff away. Being the cheap folks we are we jumped at the opportunity. Being that it had going on since Monday, by Friday much of the good stuff was taken. We did manage to grab a couple mirrors, a bed frame, and a few plants … all at a price we could afford … FREE!!! 🙂
Saturday the alarm went off far to early for me … but the chores must be done! Breaking out the bats, hard hats, and hockey gloves we loaded into the car and headed to Walmart … for today “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” hit the shelves and Melissa was determined to get one. Turns out that living in the small, quiet community of Sarasota allowed us to easily snag a copy before they were sold out. And the few lines allowed us time to play dress up, Melissa had a great time trying on dresses, hats, shirts, skirts, and pants as we wasted the early hours of the morning … on returning home I prompted crashed in bed.
As for the rest of the week … it was dull and boring. I worked, and worked, and worked. Had our final design review of the our pelvis exam simulator so I was caught up in preparing for that. Melissa has enjoyed pulling out the game consoles and has been busy trying to finish Super Mario since poor weather has kept her mostly inside. The week has been cloudy and raining – with some down pours like I have never seen before. Apparently a dam in Bradenton was on the brink of breach this past week (Bradenton is just a couple miles north of Sarasota) and several people we evacuated. Though it seems like everything is ok now, we are expecting continued rain until Tuesday. And, just for note, when I say rain … it it more like walking through a car wash.
Hopefully I won’t be so lazy in my reporting of the news this coming week … we are hoping to make it to the Tampa Apple Store for the WWDC keynote address – so if that happens I will make sure I post the notes 🙂

One thought on “Break out the bats

  1. hahaha… baseball bats. didn’t realize what you talking about, then you said Harry Potter and it all made sense. 🙂
    kinda freaky about the dams in bradenton. just glad i’m not living on the first floor! 🙂