Canada downs the USA 4-1 in best of 7

Game 5: A 3-2 victory by Crazy Canucks
It was a hard fought battle with the final game stretching into OT before the 2-2 tie was broken off a beautiful shot from the deep slot. That ended game 5 and sealed the fate of the struggling American team. Howver, it was game 3 where Canada really broke out with a 3-0 dominating win. During the 3 periods they allowed just 6 shots on net while managing to pound the USA net with 20 of their own.
“They had us scared for a while, but there was no doubt that we would take it”, say Krishen, Canada’s dominating offense, “after game 3 they really came out swinging with Ron throwing everything he had at the net”.
“It was embarrassing”, Jeff stated following game 5 in obvious disappointment. Ron adds, “the defense really let us down” blaming the rear guards for the problems. However, the problem was with the offense only out shooting the Canucks in the first game.
All told the 7 game series was an exciting match-up between two talented and determined teams. “We are looking forward to a rematch, playing the States is always exciting.” states Cameron during the post game press conference.
Canada vs USA
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