Peddle Power

So … it took a few weeks but the bike finally got put back together after the move. And since I am within easy biking distance from work (about 2 miles) I figured I would save on the gas. So Monday came around and I biked in, well, this seems to be almost a new concept at the company. Well, maybe not a ‘new’ concept — but apparently the last guy who biked to work got hit one day and no one has tried since. Here I am finding it no different than biking in Victoria, but hey … I have not been hit yet 🙂
Anyways … work has calmed down – mostly in research (now I have time after work). So … I have also gotten to see the rest of my movie collection, visited the pool a little … and one of these days I might even hit the gym (though maybe biking to work will allow me to postpone that a little longer). Life does seem to be settling into a pattern …which is nice … and a first for us in quite some time 🙂 [ now … bets on how long it lasts start at $20 ]

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