… but the cat came back …

Shot from Apexsoftware.ca’s vacation in Florida
… and it only took a month. Trouble with my root domain was the cause of our blackout and I appologize for any emotional or physical harm that may have resulted due to gross neglect of our web site. The trouble can be traced all the way back to July when my registar orginally went out of businesses. I foolishly did not update my contact information before the companies shut off the power – and thus when it can time to renew I could not prove that I was the owner of the domain (since I was failing to respond to their contact attempts – all of which were directed to an email address that no longer existed).
The apexsoftware.ca domain name took its first breath again sometime between yesterday evening and this morning. I had been (luckily) able to re-purchase the dead domain prior to some poacher swiping it, and after the usual registration delays it all came together. So we are back in business …
… and so much has happened – the Canucks fought their way to 3 game advantage, but managed their first 3 game loosing streak of the year … letting the Wild move on to the next round. Only going on to loose to the Ducks … leaving us a final between the Ducks and the Devils … think Disney is going to aquire the movie rights ??
In other news, the project at work is nearing completion … I have been pushing builds to the testing department for the last couple weeks – and except for a couple minor issues the software is out of my hands. Development has been halted and further changes are considered customer support (bug fixes) – no new features … and no long hours!!! “Well … “, they say, ” on that project at least”.
So my weekends are again free … and Melissa and I have been able to enjoy the beaches and surrounding area. We picked up a pair of RollerBlade skates for Melissa at the local Salvation Arm Thrift Store for like $26 (only pair in the store, fit her perfectly, and were completely un-used … with tags still attached). we also managed to find several options to complete our living room, bought a washer/dryer set, and are about to purchase ticket back north for a couple weddings this summer. We tried a small diving adventure … and it was just that … an adventure — low visibility and shallow water combined for a horrible first dive experience, though it was nice to be diving in just a t-shirt and shorts. Have we mentioned the water is over 80 degrees on average ? We figure snokeling will get more attention ( a deep shore dive here is 30 feet ) !!!!
All in all … life did not seem to take a break even if the web site did … so due to the lack of updates we have a small treat for you, here are some picks of Amanda with her little ones …
Here is Adam, first born and smaller of the two
Not far behind was Kyle, the youngest of her three
And who forgets my little buddy Justin … thats Mr. Big Brother to those other two
It should be noted that Adam and Kyle had their first full night sleep as Theresa and Mark announced that they are having another (Melissa is laying bets on it being a girl) … so in recap … Amanda has 3, Mark has a 3rd on the way … and we are quite happy to report that NOTHING is happening on our front … all those messy dipers, nosy mid-night wake-up calls, and endless responsibility …. yep we are enjoying our permenent vacation here in the Sunshine State
Don’t worry … we are thinking of you 🙂

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  1. Sorry … in a humble attempt to keep “some” of the site “mostly” safe for all listeners … this comment has been removed.
    Sorry Nessy 😉

  2. Well … there you have it … I would like everyone to meet “nessy” our dear friend from Vancouver … seems she is a bit jealous of us living down here is the warm southern climate. Don’t really blame her … I would be too … if I wasn’t here 🙂
    But anyways … it is nice to know that friends back home are reading it … even if they have to take crack first 🙂