Next up: Game 7 … winner takes all!

        Game 6
Canucks 4 – Blues 3
What a game! Leading 4-1 into the 3rd, the Blues managed two PP goals to pull within one giving us a roller coast ride to the end buzzer. The rough game play continued but it seems that the top line is starting to find their sticks and skates. Game 7 on Tuesday will prove to be an exciting match-up as the Canucks fight for a 3rd win in a row and a 3-1 series come-back. Go! Canucks Go!
In other news; Melissa should be heading out for Calgary tomorrow night – closing out our stay in Vancouver. After a short stop with the newest members of our family, she should be heading this way. Though the date and time is not yet confirmed … I am really looking forward to her arrival. It has been almost two months and I am really wondering how families make it through six at a time. She has done a fantastic job cleaning up the house and moving our stuff south while I got to play on the beach – “Melissa, thanks so much … you put up with my complaining and frustrations for long enough! Now it is your turn to take a break! Enjoy your visit with your sister – but hurry down here – the sunshine awaits!”
And with the tempuratures of over 30 degress Celsius today; we should be in for nice, though sticky, time in the sun!!! The thermometer in the house was reading 95+ degrees earlier and still reads over 80 degrees- thinking maybe it is time to turn on the A/C !!!

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