Busy busy busy

” … was that a right or a left at the stop sign ?”
Work seems to find me everywhere … and the push has begun. I have until the end of the month to get this project done – and though things are coming along it is at that ‘unknown’ stage. You know that time in a project where the deadline is far enough off that the project does not look done yet — yet close enough to scare the crap out of you. So needless to say, I recorded at least 10 hours of work over the weekend and am looking at between 12-15 per day over the next week.
But the good news is that by Thursday I will have a bed to sleep in – or at least on. The truck is due Thursday afternoon – of which I have been approved for an ‘extended lunch’ to take care of things. After that … the buying begins … need to find a washer/dryer before too long. I ended up leaving my cloths in Krishen’s dryer for since Sunday. Oops!
Anyway – tonights I get a short break .. Fajita’s and Movie – “The Big Lebowski”.

One thought on “Busy busy busy

  1. Glad to see that you are surviving the days and nites down in sunny Florida. I hope you have furniture soon, as the thought of you going mad makes me worry for the future of your shareholders. Sounds like the project is going well for you. Good luck dear sir, the entire Canadian Navy is pulling for you. Translated into American, a bunch of protesters in Victoria burnt your picture in spite, mainly because you make more money than them.