Cabin fever

Well … I am bored. Writting module/class test cases is not what I would call exciting work – but I suppose it has to get done. I spent a couple hours this morning/afternoon working on getting the full system to compile as well as further implementation. Then I decided that I better start working on the main goal for this weekend : Confirming the operation of supporting classes and system file reading/writing.
So I built myself a little 1.5 foot table out of a cardboard box, grabbed my pillows to use as a seat and stepped out onto the deck. Being as I am facing the western world – it was not until 4:30 that it became a tad to bright/warm! – now I have moved my “portable office” inside. (wonder if this technology is patentable ?). I feel a lot like Schroeder sitting here on the floor typing away. I type, think, edit, think, delete, type, think, tell myself to forget thinking, type … … … then I got to compile, run, type, copy, paste, type, type, compile, *crap*, edit, compile, run … … … so far things are looking good (with the code at least).
Taking a break does not seem to really help. Since I am still awaiting my stuff I have no pictures on the wall, no TV (which is likely a good thing), not much in the way of cookware: basically there are NO distractions. Except for the lack of furnature (chairs, couch, tables, etc) this would be a nice place to just ‘get away’ … quite, sunny, relaxing … maybe that explains why it is so hard to concentrate on the code ? Kind of a catch-22 as with nothing to do I sit right back down and start working again!
Soon it will be Sunday … then before I know it — Monday 8AM I will be back sitting at my desk. But this time next week my house will be full of boxes and I will be dreaming of those moments when the house was simple, clean, and I had nothing to do !!!
But anyway … you can obviously see my state of mind from reading this cyrptic, semi-technical, and completely tangent based posting. Maybe another coffee would help … … …

2 thoughts on “Cabin fever

  1. dude!! we will go do something tonight. working on work all the time, while valiant, is just not healthy.
    anyway, it’s not like we need to justify going to watch the canucks play… 🙂

  2. Sure you do, you justify it by liberating beer out of that lonely keg/bottle. It’s a humanitarian mission, with UN approval. Amazingly France and especially Germany approve of this action/mission. So carry on soldier.