Florida P*rn St*r with the Vancouver Blues

After another day at the office and an embarrassing game of Quake we (Ron, Jeff, Kemp and myself) headed back to the Bonefish Grill. You know, they have some tasty food there but you pay for it. Previously I had mentioned that the girls there seemed to be intereseted in our little project here … well — now they are just spreading rumors!! Apparently one of the girls had mentioned to our waitress that we work on simulators — and some how they became simulators that were .. ahh … compatible. I had to the explain that “We make anatomically correct medical simulators. And, right now we are working on a pelvic exam simulator.” “Ahh … ok” … then Kim stepped in … “no no no, I told her that they were for pre-med students … honest!!” Well, at least we are making a name for ourselves.
After dinner and beer I retired to the Paddywagon for some Canadian beer and Canadian hockey. But to my disappointment the Canucks decided to not show up for the game … well, it sure LOOKED like they did not show up for the game. And the score displayed that … 6-0 Blues … ouch! Looks like the disappointment of loosing the div. title and scoring races all in the last game took a toll. Hopefully this is a nice little wake up call … come Saturday I will be found either at the Paddywagon or by the radio .. GO CANUCKS GO!!!

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