Sore but connected

As I mentioned before, in an attempt to get me to work longer hours work has provided me with a laptop. Turns out that I am really just borrowing it during the development period and have to pass it along to Alex once the initial, time sensitive phase is complete. Figure it is not too disheartening — it is a Windows box.
But I got to thinking — I am waiting for my machine, but I have this machine. Maybe I can start the ‘hookup’ process of internet service – after all my monitor is only about 10 days away. So I started calling … DSL looked promising since there was an added discount due to my phone service selection. But nope — “too far away from the central office!”. Wow — hard to believe since other in the complex have DSL, but suppose it is possible; the 18000 ft of line has to end somewhere. So Cable then … $55 / mth plus $5 /mth modem charge — OH DEAL! If we get basic TV it is only $55 for both!!! Internet can be so expensive. So, Dial-up it is … $10.97 / mth for the next 6 mths (likely move to cable before then) … it is 56Kbs … but you know what – I have been living too long with broadband. Well … at least I have basic internet at home!
So, after sorting out my connection issue I decided to go for a little workout! With the apartment comes a pool, hot-tub, and workout room – so I thought I would check it out. Short stint on the bike, a little upper-body work and a jog is all it took to make me realize that I am WAY OUT OF SHAPE! Guess I am going to have to work in a more regular schedule – maybe then Melissa won’t bug me about going back into construction! At least I got to watch Enterprise on the TV 😉

2 thoughts on “Sore but connected

  1. now when you say cable is $55/month, is that just the charge for the internet service? Or internet and cable tv? cause if it’s for both, i’m in like flynn.

  2. ComCast is currently running a deal for basic TV and Internet: Basic TV = $10.xx and cable is $39.xx (if I remeber what I wrote down correctly) and then $5 modem charge … basically just cable was $60 and cable + TV was $55 — this is likely the option that I will end up with. Just want to wait and see what other utilities will come to before I start shelling out money 🙂 $11 / mth is cheap for internet and I got 6 months at that rate — though Dialup is SLOW it can be dealt with for the next few weeks. Especially with spending 50+ hours at work 😉 — Only question left would be how important is TV ? [ next fall I think I will look into digital packages to get the Canuck games ]