It’s that time of year …

My, no longer little, sister
Well … to my horror I got into work today to find this lovely picture of my sister in my email. It is not the she is just dressed up … but she is dressed up for PROM. And it is not really that it means that she will be heading out with a ‘boyfriend’ for the evening (though the grapevine tells me so) … but it is the fact that our 8 1/2 year difference in age does not change the fact that *I* remember *MY* prom … AND IT WAS NOT THAT LONG AGO! … time sure passes quickly. An Kari … you look great … have a good time. I would give you advice … but then again, I remember my prom !
In other news; ok so it is not really news. In other areas of my life: After a 12.5 hour work day on Monday Krishen and left on time today. We headed out to meet up with Hugo and play a little football – European style! In spite of a tweak to my ankle (think it is still weak in general) I had a great time. It has been a long time since I have kicked the ball around.
Playoffs start tonight … be sure to keep me informed. Starting tomorrow I will be found down at our local Canadian Irish bar glued to the TV 🙂

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