Well .. this has been a busy week .. seems that each week I end up putting more hours into work than the week before. ‘Tis really ok since all I have at home is the radio to listen too 😉 My project at work seems to be coming along nicely and am in someways I am anxious to get back to work.
Turns out that our “mover” has some been delayed some … which means that I he will not leave until the 7th of April – which is kinda rough. I just hope he does not delay again since this is pushing the ‘buffer’ Melissa and I had for her leaving town. On top of that it turns out he will not be able to tow the car – so now we are back where we started a couple weeks ago. Would have been nice to know earlier since now we have even less time to figure out what to do with it ?
Anyone care to make a trip to Flordia ? Transportation covered!!!
I feel so helpless here so far away from the situation. Without a computer at home and transportation around town it makes it difficult to go and do basic shopping or just get out of the house. Thanks to Krishen’s help I have been able to get to Publix a couple times and out a couple times. Going to have to pick up reflectors so that I can RollerBlade around at night which would allow me to stay at the office a little longer, or go down to Target for basics.
One good thing about being trapped at home with no computer or no TV is that this past week I was able to finish my first book in months. Good book – by quite twisted – really made one look at the mental images of themselves. How would you react in a similar fashion ?? The book “The church of dead girls”. Takes the view point of a teacher in a small town as 3 girls go missing. Being from smaller towns – I can see this kinda of thing actually happening.
Anyway … sorry about the delay in updates, I have not had a chance this week to make an entry. I will work on that, but seeing as how my monitor may not show and DSL does not look like a possibility in the short term – we will have to see.

One thought on “Delays

  1. Gee… Movers who don’t show up on time. Sounds like the life story of our friends. Movers were supposed to arrive at noon. Didn’t arrive till almost 6.
    Anyways, hope everything gets taken care of soon. I’d offer to drive your car down for you, but I don’t think I could afford the time off work. Ah well.