movin’ in

So … Saturday I finally forked over the cash and moved on in. And here is what I found :
Front Door
Strangely symbolic …
Cooking …
Living Room
A place to put the feet up after a long day at the office
not huge, but not bad either
and comes with a full walk-in closet
Well, can’t forget these items
Relaxation device
Our Deck
Mmmmm … morning coffee and sunshine
Wow … a place for our dive gear … now, all we need is shelving
View Right
Looking to the right
View Left
Looking to the left
Our Place
So … in review
Now for moving in …
All My Gear
Its not much, but it is all I have
front door
First phone call to home …
Hope you enjoyed the tour !

5 thoughts on “movin’ in

  1. Nice looking place, Cam! I see you picked up a carton of eggs before moving all your stuff in. Guess a growing boy has gotta eat, huh?

  2. Hi Cam! Your new place looks fabulous! I love the kitchen space. If you need any decro tips, I can always help. I am so jealous of the fact that you can go to beach and actually sit there and enjoy the sun. Toronto is getting warmer and I love it too!!! Take care!

  3. Yea … the place is pretty cool … stuff should arrive in early April. Right now I am “camping out” … I have a sleeping bag, pillow, and my cloths. I have a radio to both wake me up in the morning and provide me with at least “some” entertainment. I have managed to bumb a book to read from Krishen and I have a couple plates that will be replaced once Melissa gets down here. It is almost like being back in school !!!!
    Living by bare minimums … personally I can’t wait for the rocking chair and beach chairs … oh – and of course my beautiful wife 😉

  4. Cam, the place looks great! Hopefully the rest of the stuff you want to bring down will make it (car notwithstanding).