Happy St. Pats Day

It has been a while – and I guess a little has gotten done. I continue to struggle getting a couple projects cleaned up at home – though working with your computer only as a remote drive though someone elses keyboard / monitor is rough. I can finally tell you the project I am working on at work : Hear are a couple articles …
The Project – E-Pelvis
Things your should know
On the home front
Word from home is that things are getting cleaned up. If you want anything now is the time to contact Melissa … things are getting packed or taken to the pawn shop sometime this week … truck leaves 26th or so. Tick Tock – Tick Tock … soon I will once again be re-united with my wife ….
but until then … Life’s a Beach

Little chilly out today … what does that sign say … only 25.5 celsius
The beaches out here are great. The sand is white, fine, and fantastic … and the view … well, the sun was shining, the wave were crashing – you get the idea.

Now … things are pretty relaxed in this part of the world … but who can tell me what is ‘wrong’ with the following picture ?

(Thanks once again Krishen for eye and the use of the digital camera)

One thought on “Happy St. Pats Day

  1. well I imagine it’s not so much what’s wrong with the picture now as how it would look in 5 seconds after one of the bikes spills over and someone’s brains are smeared all over the pavement.
    definitely nice beach! send some up here would ya? 😛