Work Work Work

Not 2 weeks in and I am already working overtime. Though I likely would not have to — I am training after all – the plan for this year seems to be long and hard. First up is some interface design work, while next week the first stage of our new simulator project starts. Not to mention there are a number of other issues and side projects that are being worked on. So … my first 10 hour day came just over one week in … and I doubt it will be my last or my longest. Though I must say that the projects look as exciting as they do challenging, so it won’t take much to keep me working hard 🙂
I did get to test out the hot tub this evening … I must say I will like moving in here … the hot tub / pool is open til 11PM … and it remains warm enough to use even in March.
Canucks vs Islanders … 10 PM … listening via streaming radio … Go Canucks Go !!!
1st Period : Canucks 2 : Islanders 1
2nd Period : Canucks 2 : Islanders : 2
3rd and Final : Canucks 4 : Islanders : 3
WOW … That was a close game! A disallowed NY goal in the 3rd and the Canucks hold on to a win. They are now 5 points ahead of Colorado and only 3 back of Dallas. What a year this is turning out to be !
It is now 12:33AM here … time for bed (these games are going to get brutal as we enter the playoffs … the joys of living on the East Coast I suppose)

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