Snow back home; House Hunt

So I would like to thank the Saunders family with supplying me with photos of home. You know sitting here in the warm tropical climate of Flordia causes me to long for home; the snow and ice of the great white north. They have done their part to ease that pain. I thank you!
As for the latest down here, Saturday saw me running around this new city in search of a roof … one to place over my head and keep out of the blistering sunshine, and to ward off the rain. The tents by the beach looked nice, but I hear that the wind can get strong in these parts — so I got thinking about walls … hmmm … maybe some fresh running water would be nice too ?
There are several nice places in the area, however each had they ‘flaws’ so to speak. Turns out that the same complex that Krishen stays at looks to be the best – close to work, on a bus route, spacious one bedroom place, 3rd floor, vaulted ceilings, W/D hook-ups, view of the “woods” (maybe see some gators), tennis courts, swimming pool — and of course … rent that I can afford 🙂

Floor plan Lake View
Pool shot

Stolen from and
Now there were 2 other selections that I liked. One was quite a distance and only 700 sq ft. Though the yard was VERY well kept and the rates quite reasonable. The other was 800 sq ft, had a larger field off the back door, was a villa instead of a apartment and thus felt more like a home. Rent again was reasonable and this would likely end up being our second choice if for some reason the application fails. However, I only saw a ‘model’ of this place not an actual suite AND it did not have W/D hookups so maybe second place is too hard to call. All were within our $750 cap … and actually were more around the $700 range for the first years lease.
Here are a couple of pictures we took :
There are several more, might post them later.

Those not home … miss out!

This will likely be our second choice, like the "feel"

This place had a fantasic yard and well kept units, though a bit small

2 thoughts on “Snow back home; House Hunt

  1. not bad. I feel your pain as I’m looking for places too. cupertino’s hella expensive though! right now I’m looking at paying around $700usd for a *room* in a house. a small one bedroom apartment is more like $1300… *way* out of my price range.

  2. Working for Apple has its prices to pay … but just think of the rewards !!!! So what division will you be working with ? And is it 4 or 8 months that you will be there ?