It’s been one week …

One week is now complete. I have a couple self imposed projects, a couple ‘pet’ projects, and what seems to be a ‘big’ project. All I will say right now is that women everywhere will be thanking me. ( right sweetie πŸ˜‰ ) Training will start in a couple weeks, so I will likely be pulled in two directions at that time. Normally one goes through training right away – but due to Simon, a major department resource, heading out I have been asked to stick around. Presumably to mind meld with him, the meld is completed next week as I kick him out of his cubicle and steal his documentation.
Simon is heading out next week, moving back to the great white north to finish an MBA so we were holding a little party for him. He is not actually leaving til next Sun but several of our team members are heading to Boston this week and won’t be around.
Enjoy the pics πŸ™‚

Simon … it was nice to meet you. See you back here in a couple years.

left to right: Me (developer), Carlos (sw manager), Alex (QA), Krishen (developer)

left to right: Krishen (developer), Jeff (lead developer), Ron (Director of New Business)

left to right: Ron (Director of New Business), Nigel (Director of Engineering)

Wonder if every Friday will be like this ?

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  1. Defaults work with me πŸ™‚ … I was actually expecting to change them but seemed to like most of what they gave me.