Work, Rest, and Play

Yet again it was another busy day at work. I am slowly fitting into the department and finally getting stuff to actually do. To date I have been mostly just picking the brains of my co-workers trying to get an idea of what they would like to see done and where the code base currently sits. I have now started to write down some on the ‘un-written’ rules, as well as help out with some of the re-organization of the code base (something that can now be done since they just finished there latest release). I have also managed to swindle my first project. My manager walked into my cubicle (well, the cubicle I am borrowing for now) and said … "Think I am finally going to put you to work" … gee … here I thought I had already been doing that 🙂 The project is cool though. Will get to ‘re-explore’ the windows world in a simple project. Management sees the software department becoming a lot more important to the companies future as it releases more and more software independent from hardware.
It is nice having a standard (semi-standard) work day again, I arrived home at a reasonable hour and proceeded to have a short nap on the couch. No guilty feelings about not working on my current projects, but time to relax and think about the other things I need to get done. Think I could get use to this 🙂
Around 7PM one of Krishen’s friends dropped by, Eric, and we headed up to St. Petersberg for a game of Ultimate … man am I out of shape. It was fun getting out to do something other than work though. Get back into doing something active. The heat down here just soaks your shirt in a couple minutes, but playing in t-shirt and shorts at 9PM at night is still flipping cool.
Anyway … once again it is time to head to work …

2 thoughts on “Work, Rest, and Play

  1. Just watch out for the gopher holes, Cam. I won’t be around to drive you to the emergency room next time.